The participants

Precious WILSON

Popular singer

United Kingdom

Member of the Jury of the XXIV International Pop Song Performers Contest “Vitebsk-2015”

Precious Wilson was born in Spanish Town in Jamaica.

When she was 7 years old her family moved to the UK. She attended acting and vocal classes.

In 1975, Precious Wilson achieved her first success when she together with the band “Eruption” won the Radio Contest “RCA”.

In 1977, “Boney M’s” producer Frank Farion noticed “Eruption” while they were touring around Europe. Thanks to cooperation with Farian, the musicians not only signed a contract with “Hansa Records” but also became very successful music performers.

In 1977, “Eruption” recorded a cover version of the song “I Can’t Stand the Rain” which gained popularity throughout the world. In 1979, another hit “One Way Ticket” achieved the same level of success.

In 1979, Precious left the band and began building her solo career under Frank Farian.

A cover version of the song “Sam & Dave Hold on I’m Coming” became her debut single (1979).

In 1980, 1982, 1983 the albums “On the Race Track Hansa Records”, “All Coloured in Love” and “Funky Fingers” were released. These albums were presented at the joint concerts with the instrumental band “Sky Train”.

In 1984, Frank Farian, Precious Wilson, “Sky Train” and the vocal band “La Mama” recorded a non-stop album “Funky Fingers Medley” including the hits of the past twenty years.

When the contract with “Hansa” Record expired, Precious Wilson came back to London and got involved into the cooperation with the band “Stock/Aitken & Waterman”.

In 1985, she recorded the single “I’ll Be Your Friend”. After that her song “The Jewel of the Nile” (the soundtrack to the eponymous film) achieved success. In the USSR the film was shown under the name “Almaz s Beregov Nila”.

In 1986, the album “Precious Wilson” was released. The same year the singer joined the anti-drug movement and took part in the recording of the charity album “It’s a Live in the World”.

In 1978, she recorded one of the best disco songs of the time “Only the Strong Survive”.

In 1998, she gave forty concerts in the USSR within her tour around the country. Three of them were held in Moscow.

1990 was the year when Precious debuted as a stage actress in the hit musical “Blues in the Night”.

Up through the mid 1990’s she worked on the recording of one of her albums “Supermax”. Precious participated in co-projects with such British musicians as Elton John (album “Duets”) and “Techo Eccentrics” (album “Messiah”). Precious Wilson’s version of Donna Summer’s hit “I Feel Love” got into the UK’s “top 20”.

In 1994, she went on collaborating with Frank Farian, who was celebrating the 25 years of his producing career. The BMG Company released a history record of his projects which included the collection “Eruption & Precious Wilson”.

In 2002-2003, Precious Wilson visited Moscow to take part in the “Disco Show of 80’s”.

Currently, she is a club music performer in Europe, performing also as “Eruption”.

She will take part in the Opening Ceremony of the Festival “Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk” (20.30, July 9, Summer Amphitheatre), the Concert of the XXIV International Pop Song Performers Contest “VITEBSK-2015” (22.00, July 12, Summer Amphitheatre), and the concert: “Golden Hit: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow” (01.30, night July 10-11, Summer Amphitheatre).