The participants


21 years


Anna TVERDOSTUP was born on December 21th, 1993, in Kirovograd.

She has been mastering her vocal skills since the age of seven.

In 2009, AnnaTVERDOSTUP graduated with honors from Kirovograd musical school №1.

In 2010, she graduated also with honors from Secondary School № 14 in Kirovograd.

Anna TVERDOSTUP has been a student of the pop-song department of Kiev Music School named after R.M.Glier.

She became the winner of the project “Krok do Zirok” (“A step to the Stars”) in 2006.

Anna TVERDOSTUP performed in the semi-final of Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2007.

She is the 1st Prize winner of the festivals “Crystal Lark” in 2008 and “Orient Express” and the 3rd Prize winner of the festival “Black Sea Games” (2009). Anna TVERDOSTUP is also the Grand Prix winner of the contests “Young Galychina” (2011), “Bunches of Transcarpathia” (2011) and “Young Guard” (2013).