The participants


24 years


Ieva was born on June24th, 1991 in Dobele.

Since the age of four she has been taking part in singing contests.

Ieva participated in the song festival organized by Raimonds Pauls in the concert hall “Arena” (Riga, Latvia).

In 2008, together with Raimonds Pauls she performed the song “Sing, Soul” (lyrics by I. Reznik) at the celebration of the poet’s 70th Anniversary in the Great Kremlin Palace in Moscow.

In 2011, she graduated from the Medins First Music School of Riga as a jazz singer and a group leader.

In 2013, she was invited as a conductor of the Dobele Violet Choir to the “Battle of Choirs-3” TV-show. With her team she organized a charitable action “First Heartbeat”, which helped to raise money for the Dobele District Hospital.

In 2013, she performed the song “Cold Heart” in the final round of the national selections for the Eurovision Song Contest.

In 2014, she headed the vocal ensemble “You and Me”.

She took part in the Closing Ceremony of the World Choir Games.

Ieva cooperates with composers M. Browns, Z. Liepiņš, B. Reznik, Ya. Lūsēns, V.Pūce and others.

She played major roles in the musicals “Snow Queen” (Ya. Lūsēns) and “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” (V.Pūce) and also in summer open-air performances. Her latest bright role was Staburadze in the rock opera “Lāčplēsis”(directors: H. Liepiņš and M. Zālīte).