The participants


10 years


Darina was born on April 2nd, 2005.

She has been mastering her vocal skills since the age of 3. Since 2013, she has been mastering the technique of playing the piano. Darina is the winner of the Open Festival of Talents “Kharkov Autumn-2010”.

The girl won the prize “Future Star” at the Festival “A Small Step To The Big Stage” in Kharkov, Ukraine. She is a finalist of the project “Music Academy of Eurovision”.

Darina won the 2nd Prize at the festival “Running On the Waves-2012”.

She is the 1st prize winner of “Running On the Waves-2009”, “Yalta Beach-2010”, “Yalta Beach-2012” and 2013, and the Grand Prix winner of “Ukraine. The Union of Vocalists-2009, 2010”, “The Charm of Spring-2011”, “The Inspiration of Winter-2012” and “Running On the Waves-2013”.

At the All-Ukrainian festival of talents “Kharkov Autumn” she won the diploma “The Queen of Autumn-2012”.

In 2015, she participated in the second season “The Voice. Kids” in N. Mogilevskaya’s team. In that year she also won the 1st Prize in the International Vocal Contest “Sanremo Junior”.

Darina attends the “Paradiz” producing centre.