The participants

Stephania SOKOLOVA

9 years


Stephania has been a soloist of the Vladimir Mulyavin National Music Art Centre since 2013 (pedagogue: E.Goncharenko, artistic director: Svetlana Statsenko, Honored Worker of Culture of Belarus).

In 2013, she took part in the Children Musical TV-contest “I Sing” (ONT Channel project).

The young singer won the 2nd Prize at the International Children and Youth Creativity Forum-Contest in Minsk, Belarus.

She took part in the final concerts of the National Centre and also the Closing Ceremony of the XVII International Festival of Animated Films “Animaevka-2014”.

In 2014, Stephania won the 2nd Prize at the III International Children and Youth Forum-Contest “Star Show” in Minsk, Belarus, and the 1st Prize at the International Contest of Contemporary Art “Avanti” in Minsk. That year she also won the 2nd Prizes at the International Children and Youth Festival-Contest “Rainbow Over Vitebsk” (Vitebsk, Belarus), the X International Contest “Generation Next” (Moscow, Russia) and the 1st Prize of the II International Children Festival-Contest “Belarusian Patterns” within the festival project “Salute of Talents” in Minsk, Belarus.