The participants

Plamen PATOV

III Prize winner of the XVII International Pop Song Performers Contest “Vitebsk-2008”, popular singer



III Prize Winner of the International Pop Song Performers Contest “Vitebsk-2008” Popular singer

Born in Veliko Tarnovo in 1988, Plamen Patov started his piano studies at music school at the age of seven. Agedten, heenteredavocalschool.

He has taken part in numerous national and international contests, wining Grand Prix at ‘Two Twin Hearts” (Moldova), “Constellation” (Shumen, Bulgaria), “Silvery Yantra” (Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria), and “ThracianLyre” (Stara Zagora, Bulgaria). In35 singingcontestshebecamethefirstprize winner.

In 2006, Plamen was the second in the national selections for the “Eurovision” Song Contest.

In 2007, he reached the finals of the national reality show “Music Idol”. After the show his fan clubs appeared in almost all the Bulgarian cities. He signed a contract with the “Universal Music & Virginia Records” and began working hard on his new repertoire which he presented at concerts in Bulgaria.

In 2009, Plamen Patov was invited by Tony Tchakarov (II Prize Winner of the International Pop Song Performers Contest “Vitebsk -1995”) to work together. Since then, they have been performing in Germany and other European countries, released several albums including songs of various genres: pop, jazz, gospel.

Two years ago Plamen Patov and Tony Tchakarov founded a producing company in Germany working on projects promoting young singers from Europe.

Plamen takes part in radio and TV shows. Currently, he’s studying film production, web design and advertising art in Germany.