The participants

Toomas KOLK

26 years


Born in Tartu on October 6th, 1987, Toomas is a student at the Sibelius Academy (Finland) He attended the choir in his childhood and youth, finished a children music school specializing in piano, and studied at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre.
Toomas graduated from the Tartu University with a degree of the Bachelor of Economics.
The young singer became popular after his participation in the TV show "Estonia is Searching for a Superstar" where he was one of the three leaders.
Toomas sings bas-baritone parts in the opera theatres productions in Finland. His contest performance at the XXIII International Festival of Arts includes the song “Melody” by Alexandra Pakhmutova and Nikolai Dobronravov, “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash and a composition by Uno Naissoo and Paul-Eerik Rummo.