06 June 2018


The Israeli international band “Gefilte Drive” is a neo-klezmer drive, a fusion of West and East, kosher rock&roll and urban romance, almost punk Odessa recklessness and lyrical sound.

The band’s extensive repertoire includes songs in Yiddish, Russian, and English, as well as Odessa yard songs of the past century, translated into Hebrew. These are the songs of our grandparents, passed through the prism of time and our perception.

The fact that almost all the musicians lived on the Promised Land much longer than in the countries they were born doesn’t matter. Each of them has contributed something of their own, something special to the band. Most compositions are a kind of crazy language mix, which was spoken in Odessa and the pre-war locations. The language intermingling is a kind of flavour, emphasizing temper and message. It is noteworthy that through this, even those who understand nothing in Russian, Yiddish or English, can not only sing along, but also grasp the content of the works.

The performance makes one feel not only the drive and rock&roll. There is a feeling of an indomitable, deep love for the native land, for the people, the love that the past generations carried through wars and losses and the love that young people inherited at the genetic level, felt deeply, and now have decided to share it with the world.

So they share it! They share it lively, brightly, unobtrusively, and therefore so sincerely and gently.

The band successfully performs both on large stages and in clubs, tours actively, and also takes part in Israeli festivals and events. Over its existence, “Gefilte Drive” has taken part in the festivals “Yahad”(Estonia, 2015), “Lviv Klez Fest” (Lviv, Ukraine, 2016, 2018), the festival of Jewish music in Kazan, the 29th and 30th International Klezmer festivals in Safed (Israel).

The band is made up of Israeli musicians: Tatyana Gelman - soloist, Nadezhda Drapkina - oboe, Tal Leshets - drums, Mark Umansky - bass, vocals, Igor Khait - keyboards, Alexander Kotler - vocals, guitar and Kirill Adylin – accordion (Estonia).

The performance of “Gefilte Drive” can be enjoyed within the program “Festival Without Borders” at the gala concert of masters of art of Israel on 15 July at 6.00 p.m. in the Vitebsk Regional Philharmonic.