The participants


11 years


Suzan was born on 30 November 2006, in Berlin.

Her first public singing experience was at the age of four, when she performed the song “Sunny”.

Aged five, she began taking hip-hop dance classes.

In October  2016, Suzan appeared on the same stage with Justin Bieber during his German concert tour .

In 2015, she joined the Cheetahs Berlin dance group.

In 2016, she was seen in the “Glow” and “Videodays” shows.

Suzan took part in the International Contest "New Wave Junior in Artek" (Russia), the TV shows "Kiddy Contest" (Austria) and "Super Talent" (Germany).

She won the singing contests “Music Wave" (Dusseldorf, Germany, 2017) and “Sternschnuppe” (Berlin, Germany, 2017).

In November 2017, she gave a successful performance in the contest program of the Europopcontest International Festival (Germany).

Suzan is a regular participant of cultural and charitable activities.

She aspires to be like her elder sister Katya, who performs at concert venues of Germany.