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20 years


Nikos was born in Kazan (Russia) on 19 December 1997.

His creative career was launched at the International Festival of Performing Arts "Stars of Albena" (Albena, Greece, 2007), where a ten-year old Nikos became a prizewinner. After the contest he moved to Greece, where he entered the music school "Neo Odeio Thessalonikis" to study piano.

Graduate of the "Panthermaiko Xamogelo" producing center, Nikos is a student of the Faculty of Economics at the "City College of the University of Sheffield".

The young singer represented Greece at the international festivals "Youthvision" (Baku, Azerbaijan, 2016),"International Tourism Festival" (Thessaloniki, Greece, 2016), "Mexaniotika" (2016),"Balkaniki Platia" (Thessaloniki, Greece), "Aneresis" (Athens, Greece, 2017), "International Student Festival" (Athens, Greece).

He won the First Prize of the international competitions "To the Sounds of Bouzouki" (Greece),"Musical Wave" (Russia),"Paradise Holliday" (Halkidiki, Greece).

Nikos took part in the Victory Day celebration, organized by the Russian Embassy in Greece.

He sang in the musical "Acting the Song" under Valia Mavridou (Kratiko Odio Voreiou Ellados) for two seasons.

The singer performed with Antonis Remos, the pop star of Greece.

Nikos takes part in charity concerts in Thessaloniki.

His passions include playing the guitar and writing music.