Fairytale-paroemia «THE STORY OF A MOTHER» 7+

Puppet Theater «IstArt – Artists’ Stories» (Ukrаine)

Hans Christian ANDERSEN

Directed by Marina BOGOMAZ

Art director Olga FILONCHUK

Music by Aleksey GRIGORIEV

Cast: Natalia GRIGORIEVA, Margarita GNEUSHEVA 

The death takes from disconsolate mother the dearest - the soul of her sweetest child. And the mother, being at desperate desire of miracle, goes in search. She overcomes the challenges on this way only thanks to wonderful power - mother's love. Which secrets will be revealed within this difficult way? 

Ticket price: 8.00 рублей.

Tickets are on sale at the ticket offices of the city and on the website www.kvitki.by.