Phantasmagoria «DEAD SOULS»16+

Orenburg State Regional Puppet Theatre (Russia)

Nikolay Gogol

Stage director Vadim SMIRNOV

Artist Marina ZORINA

Music by Victor RASOVSKIY

Cast: Aleksandr KAZIMIRSKIY, Ivan PANIN, Artyom ARTYOMIEV, Andrey GORDEEV, Lyubov MILOKHINA, Elena Smirnova, Anastasiya ZORINA

There is mysterious court of justice at the stage, where they are trying to clear up who is actually Pavel Chichikov. The performance is based on Nikolay Gogol’s story - it is an epopoeia about greyness and squalor of provincial lifestyle. Who is this Chichikov and what he was brought to judges, wearing masks and black robes for?

Ticket price: 12.00 рублей. 

Tickets are on sale at the ticket offices of the city and on the website